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Off Topic posts.....

 by ronniecabers , Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:33 pm

As members of the forum we are ALL guilty of Off Topic postings......

We all know it is easy to go Off topic whilst having a general 'chat ' in a post, however if it is not relevant to the thread it will be moved to a new thread , no warning, and the people concerned pm'd. If you wish you can start your own thread or talk via PM's.

If the Original poster of the thread has issues with people posting off topic or irrelevant information in a thread , The OP should PM a moderator, and we will remove any posts that are deemed to be unwarranted , again no warnings, and a new thread started for the Off topic parts if needed and the relevant posters informed.... if irrelevant comments like ' LOL! ' or ' yeh' etc then it will just be deleted.

If you have posts in a thread that you have posted and wish to be removed , please PM a Moderator, we will remove as requested.

Any time you are concerned about a Thread , please use the ' Report this Thread ' at the bottom of the page , this will alert the Moderators and Admin and we will look at it and decide how to proceed , it may be removed whilst we decide, it may get deleted , it may return......

By Off Topic , we mean something that is irrelevant to that thread and diluting the original point, however if the OP of that the thread is happy with the ' Off Topic ' posts and lets a Moderator know we will leave it alone. '

The only other thing is we are not instantly available please give us time to react!

Thread locking available fee!


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