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Spotted this on the MIG welding forum. This is not my sale and I don't know the guy

Posted by: the ad
I have a clark 150te for sale in b69,

problems -
ive took the old liner out and purchased a new steel liner and swan neck liner , will just provide theese with it then actually install them.

case is not in the best condition, side panel doesnt clip on properly.

swan neck tip needs rethreading, contact tip only partialy screws in at the mo.

handle missing.

I would change the earth lead too, its seen better days lol.

But the machine does work and i used it fine before taking the liner out.
Abit of paint, install the new liner and a new earth cable and you have a nice cheap 150amp welder

will get pics up later today.

edit - also should have a few tips to throw in aswell.

£50 collected from Oldbury - (you need to register to view but I can ask questions if anyone is interested, and put you in touch with the guy).

Sounds like it's all ready to go, with a wee bit of effort, and a bargain for a 150A Clarke. If it needs a new earth cable and clamp, I just bought one the other week for £17.

This is not my sale and I don't know the guy

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