Mitsubishi l200 10w40

#1 by mark ( Guest ) , Wed Jan 10, 2024 2:12 am

I have a Mitsubishi L200 2.5 4x4 year 2004 Diesel
140,000 km,
the engine is in good condition.

My question is:
what engine oil should I use?
i live in Portugal in my area :
Summer average temp 30C-34C ( few days of 37C )
Winter average temp 10C-16C (few mornings and nights of 5-6C

The Mitsubishi manual says that the options for this engine oil are:
(this car is originally from the uk)
SAE 30
SAE -20W 40
SAE 15W40
SAE 10W30
SAE 5W30
most of the Mitsubishi dealers and car mechanics here using 10w40 for semi commercial pickup trucks and recommends that also (15w40 for high mileage engines)
What should I use?
i have this idea that 15w40 is better in that case (followed the manual) but when i think of minimizing cold start damage in the winter i think that the 10w40-
is better (a bit thiner in lower temp) and more or less the same in summer because in my area it is a hot summer and not so cold but cold mornings ...
as for10w30 i think its not ideal for Portugal summer
what do you think? (10w40 is mentioned on the manual but only for petrol engine section)
Im using 10w40 eneos premium
please if any one can pour some sense here
thanks a lot



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