L200 engine light on after belt snap

#1 by markus19 , Sat Mar 16, 2024 8:28 am

Hi guys so on my old 55 plate l200 while driving the other day
One of the aux belts snapped and brought the other 2 off with it
This brought up oil light amongst others i carried on driving as i was close to home
Then the engine light came on.

The next day i drove the truck a mile or so over to my freind to sort the belts
All lights where off and back to normal yet the following day the engine light came on again
Its been on and off a few days now but now its on solid....

My freind who did the belts cant seem to get it to clear and i dont know if it just ne
But the engine seems to have to turn over more now to fire up

Any ideas what has been cause here ??


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Valve snapped

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