L200 crazy electrical issues

#1 by FillR ( Guest ) , Tue Apr 02, 2024 5:29 pm

Hi everyone

This is the 4D56 diesel engined version.

For some time, the drivers window has a mind of its own, sometimes works well on electrical switch, but more and more it winds up part way, then winds back down of its own accord. It takes some gentle tapping of the button to get it to wind up fully, but then some other days, it works perfectly. I have largely ignored this as I did not really mind the problem

But today, after a couple of days of heavy rains, i find new electrical issues, all arising at same time

- wipers run all by themselves mostly in intermittent mode, totally ignore the control switch

- headlights on low beam, regardless of where the headlight switch is positioned, wont turn off, wont come on to full bright beam

- direction indicators wont work, although on todays short drive, they chose to work at exactly the moment I was about to make a turn, but have not worked since

- windshield washers not working

- none of the electric windows now work, all stuck in closed position

All these faults have occured at same moment, so obviously some common failure

error code reported by OBD2 is U1570 which suggests CANBUS to LIN failure. Obviously not a total failure as in ECU now broken, or it would not start working again (as in the direction indicators) but clearly some common problem, I am thinking a poor connector block or rain has managed to find its way in somewhere

I am hoping that someone might recognise all of this and point me in the right direction

In anticipation of help, I am going to add another post, I think I have solved the problem often reported of the 4x4 gear lever getting stuck midway and the plastic collar breaking inside, see my next post which I will prepare next



RE: L200 crazy electrical issues

#2 by Guest , Tue Apr 02, 2024 8:45 pm

Apologies for the double post, my laptop lied to me and told me the first post failed


L200 crazy electrical issues
Maybe solution for 4x4 lever getting stuck

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