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All members are free to post items for sale in this section. Although we expect most items will be L200-related there is no reason why you can't post any item whatsoever for sale, as long as that item is a) legal and b) falls broadly within the remit of the l200forum.

This sticky details what is an acceptable response for posts in the for-sale section.

You must always bear in mind that a member who is selling an item has invested in that item. So, no matter how small or large, how inexpensive or expensive, a fellow member has real, hard cash riding on a potential sale.

Therefore, we require that members adhere to the following guidelines within the "For Sale" section;

1. Any post on the thread must reference only the specific item that has been listed for sale
2. Any post on the thread must be asking a question about the item or about the seller
3. No cross-sale posts are allowed on the same thread (for example "I have the same widget for sale at £1")
4. No disparaging comments regarding an item for sale will be acceptable. If you have a concern about an advertised item please contact the seller directly, or PM "Admin".

The final rule is as important as the foregoing. Our forum is built on mutual respect and a huge sense of humour. Despite that, we want to be clear that;

5. No humorous, disparaging or otherwise off-topic remarks are acceptable on a for-sale thread until the seller has confirmed that the transaction has completed.

If you have concerns around the veracity of the advertised item, please PM "Admin" rather than posting on the thread.

Thank you
the L200forum moderators

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