Front fog lights

#1 by krutly , Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:00 pm

Well guys, I picked these up a year ago with the intention of fitting them to my truck. They are from a newer model than my 53 plate, check out people galleries to see what they look like on (Lee,Twed,nocatmcm,zx7red,Danne etc etc) the truck. Since getting them I bought some lights to go in them, can't remember if they're spots or fogs. They have the bulbs in them and the outer ring thingy has leds in too. I have cut some stainless to make brackets to fit them to the back but maybe you could do a better job? your choice. I also lightly rubbed them down with the intention of spraying them the same colour as my bumpers. None of this ever happened as I was offered a set of the older shape ones which I prefer (although I have not fitted these yet either) so these ones pictured are up for grabs. Not sure what fittings are meant to be there or not but I've taken pics of the backs as well if you need them. So to sum up, they have the odd scratch/mark/crack here and there, need properly prepping and painting and come with some home made brakets that hold the lights in place. Not sure what they are worth really so how about a trade or swap ? obviously I can swap them for cash if that's your thing but what have you got to offer in exchange (think I've opened a can of worms here eh?)(PM me if you prefer?) . No idea what they'll cost to post but I'll get them wrapped up at some point and weight them and see what happens.

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RE: Front fog lights

#2 by Danne , Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:01 am

Looking good. but beware, if u drive the car into a sink-hole and you gett pulled backwards it could pull them off, mine on the left side don't fit so well after i got down here:

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