Korben's L200 for sale >October

#1 by Korben , Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:35 am

For sale in October onwards

Hi. Reluctantly I'll be selling (after moving home) my pickup. I already have (the shame) a Honda Civic (more shame 1.8litre petrol) on the go. The reason for sale is genuine. I'm on the verge of moving effectively 40 miles even further from my work and my jobs changed in that I have to do two days per week in Bristol. Public transport doubles my commute, triples even, and the diesel I am getting through is crippling.

First off, I have never used this for towing at all. In fact I have never used the tow at which is literally unused it's whole life. The only use it has had is as a manual parking sensor if you know what I mean. I work in an office, my L200 is literally an urban tractor and the miles are motorway miles. The detail:

- L200 warrior animal - 103,000 miles - 2007 - automatic
- Maxxis Bighorn AT tyres good tread all round
- Raised suspension
- Leather interior
- Bonnet bra
- Roll bars
- Window deflectors
- Recent front brakes done
- Glow plugs recently replaced
- Recent aircon regas and new condenser fitted. Ice cold.
- And the best selling feature is the Valentino Rossi 46 on the mudflaps ;o)
- Also it just looks nice too. The amount of times I have had people coming over and asking questions in petrol stations or in car parks has been many.

I will put pictures on soon but I have a folder on this site from days when I was more internet active. Since those pics were taken the nice white Maxxis lettering has faded off the tyres but the bodywork is the same. I think I have done 20k ish in it. It was owned by Wyre Forest Council in Dudley and the guy I bought it off worked for them at the time of purchase and got a deal to buy it when they sold it off.

It's on a private plate at the mo so I will have to do that transfer thing for the time of sale. The reg plates that I swapped even have Wyre Forest Council tags on them. This is instant these days so I'll do it before sale. The history is checkable and I have nothing to hide in terms of all that logbook loans or CAT D stuff or HP finance outstanding none of that ever taken out by me in my ownership and I have the full history check results from when I bought it. So there's nowt dodgy.

Bad stuff. I'm honest so I'll say this.

1- the windscreen is cracked. I will be getting this replaced for the time of selling. Only from a stone but has gotten bigger will sort through insurance. This will be on the pics but I'm listing warts and all
2- the rolltop roll n lock bed cover is defective. The jaws at the locking points do not activate with the turn of the key. I simply use literally two screws when I ever have the lid closed but usually have it open. Just being honest.
3- yes, I'm aware the belt is due before 120k
4- again being honest, I had the flywheel go a few months ago. All sorted no probs. Totally replaced. My point is the mechanic advised me I will want to look at getting the turbo replaced eventually. HOWEVER this is the garage that totally bent me over after the truck was RACd to them to fix the flywheel and as I found after from others, after I handed over £740 literally in cash, that they are dishonest robdogs. However I am listing this as again I'm honest. Otherwise it drives absolutely fine and has no issues at all.

I've only ever sold one car so am listing all possible detail. It's ten years old there dings dents and scuffs but nothing major. When it comes to it, I'll obviously welcome any inspection. I'll update when ready but wanted to list this on here first and if no takers by about November it'll go on Auto Trader. Haven't priced it up yet.

Location is Gloucester but am mid-move to Hereford (slow motion move due to work being done at new house) so is proving useful taking boxes over of late and my other car gets 50 plus MPG easily even on a bad day often more so the bulk of my miles isn't being done in the L200.

Sorry if this is way too much detail but well who cares. Don't judge me on the Civic! With the L200 money I will use to part ex the Civic for something even more economical. That's how sad my life has become but with a lot of miles and a lot of being sat in traffic the L200 is just too damn not viable anymore.

Cheers lads I'll be in touch

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RE: Korben's L200 for sale >October

#2 by krutly , Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:13 am

Link to Korben's album is here ------> g715-KORBEN-L.html

good honest write up there bud, only thing you've missed out is the price you want for it

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RE: Korben's L200 for sale >October

#3 by Korben , Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:15 am

Thanks for the link Krutly. Yeah I'll have to do some research and give her a good wash, update the price and put new pics up. Thanks again

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RE: Korben's L200 for sale >October

#4 by 123hotchef , Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:54 am

how much u after for it?


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RE: Korben's L200 for sale >October

#5 by Korben , Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:16 pm

Hi Hotchef, I'm asking £6,000 hope that seems fair.

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RE: Korben's L200 for sale >October

#6 by Korben , Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:19 pm

Hi I have washed it and added some pics literally taken half an hour ago of her looking cleaner.

I cant edit my original post as there is a time limit for doing so... but I was going to add this minor detail that I forgot...

- PARROT BLUETOOTH INSTALLED - auto syncs to your phone if Bluetooth is activated on your phone.

oh yeah, in the pics I uploaded just, I haven't vacuumed or cleaned the inside at the point the pictures were taken, I ran out of time! Will post nicer pics of her cleaned up, its only muck off my feet, parking receipts, drinks cans and the like


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RE: Korben's L200 for sale >October

#7 by Korben , Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:55 pm

also as a random point of personal sentiment, after you have had an L200 there's no going back is there? Yet here's me, on the verge of potentially parting with this baby and it hurts already. In terms of all the things I have ever owned in life (and I'm a modest guy in late 30s) this without doubt is possibly the thing that has given me the most joy and I love driving it. I definitely get looks driving it, not looks as in "look at that tw--", but more like "damn that's a cool looking pickup"... alas, like I said, I am doing now a LOT of city centre driving, and that means a lot of being sat on my ass in traffic.

Even though I can park this like a dream, some of the staff car parks I have to park in, trust me... some of the gaps I am left to navigate and park in, i busy streets and especially the car parks, it is inpractical. i never thought i would be parting with it, but needs must. I know, unnecessary detail. But an interesting point... after you have had an L200 what on earth do you get after?????????????????????????? i get in my Civic (which, is just a 58 plate runaround) and i f-----g hate the thing. It's so low in comparison, i get people up my backside on roads and i literally feel vulnerable.

Driving my L200, even though I am a no BS honest, considerate driver.... no one messes with you when driving this. No one cuts out on roundabouts, no one gets up your ass, and like you all will know on here, L200s command respect on the road. You certainly wouldn't want to get hit by one that's for sure. Which is what hurts more, as said, getting into some sh--bag Honda Civic after driving this is INFERIOR and just downright SH-T to be honest. Just a "dear diary" thought of nothingness as i sit thinking and looking at economical Golf type cars in Parkers Used Car price guide.

I am gonna have to sell for sure, I'm not in a rush to do so, but one thing is for sure... when she drives off... i will literally be going through the stages of mourning (bottle of whiskey looking at old photos).

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