L200 4Life 2003

#1 by phill200 , Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:33 am

Owing to my partner being ill and not being able to drive for at least 6 months i've decided that it's pointless having 2 vehicles.
So reluctantly i'm going to sell the truck.
I don't believe in ripping people off so I'll be as honest as possible with the description.
Can anyone give me an idea of what it's worth please?

It's a 2003 4Life (Red over Silver)
Milage around the 92000 mark (engine is as smooth as a cashmere codpiece)
It's got a big dent on the passenger side of the tub (pics to follow)
It's going to need a new clutch sooner rather than later
It's going to need a couple of tyres as well (Hopefully enough tread to get through the MOT otherwise it will have 2 new tyres)
Paintwork isn't showroom but it does polish up alright (I don't do cleaning)

It will (hopefully) have a full years MOT when sold

Answers on a postcard please

L200 4 work. 2003

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RE: L200 4Life 2003

#2 by Basil , Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:44 pm

£2500 with full MOT? tad more with good tyres

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55 plate L200 for sale

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