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The L200 Forum was formed at the beginning of October 2011 by 5 L200 owners who got to know each other online. We thought that it would be a good idea to provide other L200 owners & drivers a website where they could come & chat about their trucks but also a vast range of other stuff, (albeit within reason, please see the rules & regulations of post content).

We wanted it to be free of charge so it was agreed that the co- founders would cover the costs of running the website. However donations are welcome to help us pay for the running of the site (please see the donations section on the main page) and we thank those who have contributed so far.

We try not to over moderate the website however we do sometimes have to move or remove posts that are off topic or contain unsuitable content for this website, ( again refer the the rules & regs). Many of us have children or other family members who view the site.

If anyone has an issue they would like to raise about the forum then please contact Admin or Greigy via PM or e mail them, you should find their email addy's in their profiles. Any issues are discussed between all the moderators without mentioning who the complaint/issue is from and any changes would brought into place after this.

The moderators of this site are-
Administration -------- Louise ( also Admin account) - forum creator.
Chief Moderator ------------- Alan G - Co-founder & site owner.
Moderator --------------LezT - Co-founder.
Moderator ------------- ronniecabers
Moderator ------------- Nick.

If any member no longer wishes to use the site then please PM Admin or Alan G your request & we shall close your account.

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Owned a classic 2001 4 life with loads of mods. Sadly now dead after 11 uears abuse/ownership.

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