2009 animal 2.5, steering offset, vibration, egr.

#1 by Miller94 ( Guest ) , Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:26 pm

Hi guys, while I'm waiting on my account getting verified I'm going to fire in some questions. 3 things have kind of all went at the same time.

1. Most importantly my steering wheel has moved off centre about 30 degrees to the left. I haven't had any collisions or even big potholes etc, it still drives straight and doesn't pull no shake and it hasn't got any worse over a week or so. I am thinking a worn bush someone causing it to jump like this ? I have had it up and checked wheels for play they seem okay. anyone got any ideas or had similar ? back springs look okay as someone said that was the problem on theirs.

2. My EGR valve has been giving me trouble for a while, I've fitted a new one but the light keeps coming back on. a friend said it needs the adaptive reset ? I did give the inlet hole a bit of a clean but could the whole manifold need a good clean out ? how easy hard is this does anyone have a repair manual or similar?

3. Last MOT they told me to get the transfer casing mount replaced as it was worn out so I changed this myself however the rubber is a lot thicker. after changing it when at idle the whole car shakes like sitting on a washing machine. not sure if this is normal but I don't remember it being like this before that and its all I changed. other engine and transmission mounts look fine. it only happens between 8 and 900 revs any slight acceleration and its i fine. thinking of filing down the rubber to a similar thickness as before or buy a new more original style mount.

Thanks in advance.



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