Kenwood DNX4230DAB fail (2013 Barbarian)

#1 by Geoff ( Guest ) , Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:14 pm

Hi -i was hoping someone could advise what a decent replacement for the above is? Mine has died -blank screen/no volume although the reset light works and the cooling fan comes on so is still getting power. i have checked all the relevant fuses and tried to reflow the ic500 chip on the daughter board but this has not worked. I gather they are discontinued and even if i could find one they are expensive -and do not want to do like for like as the same thing will probably happen again.
Has anyone had the same issue and replaced with something cost effective that still connects to the mic/reversing camera etc?
Thanks in advance


RE: Kenwood DNX4230DAB fail (2013 Barbarian)

#2 by Geoff ( Guest ) , Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:54 am

Quick update -Kenwood use a service centre called Fullers who assure me they can fix it - it is a common problem with the 'daughter board' microchip apparently (discontinued). £160 plus VAT which is an ok price versus a new kenwood system (£36 if they try and cannot fix it).



2007 l200 warrior

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