Stereo leads

#1 by jonnyfiveiq ( Guest ) , Sat Jan 09, 2021 8:27 pm


Just bought a 2008 L200, the double din unit was removed by previous owner, there are 3 plugs in the dashboard. Two are for the stereo and I have a ISO lead to connect those two, but the third I cannot identify,,,anyone have any ideas?

sorry cannot post picture as guest...its a 20 pin black plug with the moulding containing 4 ridges along one side only, all other sides are flat, similar to the stereo ones but black.


RE: Stereo leads

#2 by Accipiter ( Guest ) , Yesterday 11:14 pm

Think itís the 4wd control unit cable.
I am in the process of removing the single din display panel in my 2006 to replace with a double din android.
Two leads to the display panel from the radio and one lead going to a black box which is fastened to the display unit at the back. I believe this is the 4wd control unit but I sRand corrected if Iím wrong.
When I swap out the display unit I will have to try and mount it elsewhere or leave loose.
Unfortunately it seems you donít get help on here if your a guest or new to the forum. But if you have been a regular for years they are quite happy to play with ur nuts.

Iím pretty sure Iím correct
Hope this helps



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