Is my K74 dead?

#1 by , Fri Mar 05, 2021 7:44 pm

I think my K74 is bu**ered!
Heard what I thought was a stone in the wheel arch while driving to work, wasn't a stone, but the bolt holding the bottom pully on!
Drove for a bit longer, noticed the battery light and climbing temp gauge after a while (it was 4am!), took the decision to try to get to work, another 15 mins drive.
Got there, with a hissing and steaming engine.
Did start and run for a couple of minutes after cooling down, but died and now won't restart.
I'm guessing it's proper bu**ered? What do you think?
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RE: Is my K74 dead?

#2 by somegui , Sat Mar 27, 2021 1:24 am

Hi, I am new here but not to engines. sounds like it overheated. The pulleys drive a number of things which you don't necessarily need on a 15 min drive - dynamo, steering and brake boost, AC, - and one that is critical: the water pump.
If you overheat, engine damage and a resulting loss of compression is likely. Idling a diesel for 5 minutes without coolant flow is bad. Did you replace the pulley before that start after cool down?
I would check compression,it is likely low and you should shop around for a new engine.
Or make your truck a donor for parts.. .

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RE: Is my K74 dead?

#3 by ronniecabers , Sat Mar 27, 2021 7:16 am

If the bottom pulley bolt fell out , chances are that that all the belts have fallen off, as the pullley wobbles. so your alternator will stop charging hence the alternator light , As somegui mentions no belt , no waterpump, lots of heat ! Now you may be lucky and its only a belt issue ...but worse case scenario is new engine. Middle ground will be new head and belts ( if engine got that hot to stop running i'd suspect cracked or warped head on a K74 ). My main concern would be why the bolt fell out ..they are supposed to be torqued up to 220nm ( its around about there not sure if thats the exact figure) . Now is it really a case of the bolt has sheared off in the crank ( which will be a new engine! ) and also if it was loose for a while whether its elongated the bolt hole.

First things first , get the timing belt cover off and have a good inspection of where the bolt goes, if its just fallen out then then recoonnect and then turn the engine by hand to check the engine hasn't seized due to the excessive heat . If it turns freely by hand then it may be salvageable with new head , headgadket and belts....oh and check the crank pulley for delamination, they are known for it on K74's and if you have it all apart its worth hanging , along with the waterpump. You don't want to be taking all the belts etc off gaian to change another part in say a year , so do them all now

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RE: Is my K74 dead?

#4 by somegui , Sat Mar 27, 2021 11:48 pm

If you are the type of guy to drive after the main pulley falls off then maybe you won't rebuild the engine. But then again maybe you will. I learned everything I know the first time from rebuilding an engine after cooking it. The job is worth it, for the skills you pick up along the way.

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RE: Is my K74 dead?

#5 by paulw , Sun Mar 28, 2021 4:56 pm

the infamous K74 rears it head again! @ronniecabers ,you have got it spot on Kieron! 18 years on still miss the warrior, even with K74 hang ups!!

did have warrior, but crossed over to disco 2.
Thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was somebody with a torch bringing more work!
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