L200 Animal 2007 door trim scuff plate light.

#1 by Spike ( Guest ) , Thu Jun 06, 2024 10:32 pm

I have a L200 Animal 2007, the drivers side scuff plate, is not lighting up with the animal logo. The pax side is working fine.
I have removed the plate, and used a circuit tester on it, and it is getting a signal. However I’m not getting a signal from the car side, and no voltage.
I don’t think it’s a fuze as the pax side is working fine. (Assuming it’s on the same fuze) all other interior lights work.

So do I try and trace back the wire and find if it’s been cut or nicked somewhere, or is it on a separate fuze circuit, if so, where would that fuze and fuze box be. Is it on a switch, which I very much doubt as it not an after market part Or do I just live with it not working.




2004 l200

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