hello dear experts

#1 by hulk1052 , Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:26 pm

Hi all.
I have been a member since I got my truck about 5 years ago. I got many valuable information and advice when I first got this truck and It was really helpful.
As it gets old, nearly 10 year old now, 2009 4life model. the last year's mot was a bit expensive.
Now I got a few issues, it started making a rattling sound when it start to move from stationary.
I pop into a local garage and according to the mechanic my one got multiple issues
he said "trans box mount" no rubber at all. <- I guess this one causing a rattle sound when start to move.
also he said "front diff to trans box prop shaft" need to be changed. <- this one sounds expensive
So my question is if i had to change the prop shaft, I will get the second hand one from ebay or so. I can't spend 500-600 pound on that.
on ebay i could found some used "front prop shaft" Am I looking right one? if not what is the name of the "front diff to trans box prop shaft"?
And finally can anyone recommend a garage knows well about the truck in surrey area?


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RE: hello dear experts

#2 by krutly , Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:11 pm

with yours being a 4life it should have the same easy select transfer box as classic k74 trucks
if you look at the transfer box mount it's meant to be a floating mount, allowing movement
as long as there is rubber round the inside part of the bush and rubber round the outer ring then it's doing it's job
if there is any metal to metal contact then it's fecked
if you have a read of this thread you'll see it's meant to move ------------> HD transfer box mount
I replaced mine years ago as it looked knackered
within a week, the shiny new one looked just like the old one
if in doubt , go ahead and change the transfer box mount as they are only about 20 quid but I suspect it wont solve your rattle

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RE: hello dear experts

#3 by paulw , Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:02 pm

where abouts in the surrey area? always went to a small garage in Horsell ( woking) Arthurs bridge motors. Never let me down.

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