L200 exhaust nut size??

#1 by LouieBC ( Guest ) , Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:43 pm

Iíve just bought a Cybox exhaust system for my 2010 L200 Raging Bull (doublecab), and I canít get the nuts off the two bolts underneath, where they connect to the cat right at the front (before it goes up into the motor). They look like 18mm size, but my 18mm socket wonít fit onto them. Donít know if itís just rust making the nut too big, or if the nut is 19-20mm or larger?

Any advice on the nut size would be amazing, and maybe tips on how to dissolve the rust. Was thinking of WD-40, but Iím sure there are better products.

Iím really hoping to do this replacement myself, as it doesnít look too complicated, and hate paying a mechanic for basic repairs. Iím no mechanic, but quite handy and understand the basics.

Thanks for any help guys. :)


RE: L200 exhaust nut size??

#2 by 123hotchef , Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:08 am

plus gas, ore accetone and ATF fluid mix 50%

heat them up with a torch until glowing to will also help


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